Why work with GrOffr?

  The Best & the Most Trusted Agents in the city

We partner with good, smart and honest agents to work with GrOffr. We follow up with every buyer after every deal to make sure your agent delivers. We do not take any money from agents who are posted on GrOffr.com. We don't want to sell you services of an agent to boost our ad/listing revenue.

  Benefit from Buyer Ratings and Reviews

Only GrOffr gives you full customer reviews and ratings of every agent given by genuine buyers. These customer reviews will help new customers coming to Groffr identify the best agents in an area and use their service for home search. We verify and publish every client review for you to see. The service providers with the highest ratings and consistently stellar reviews meet the highest standard of service.

  Save Money

Your GrOffr agent, backed by a professional team, delivers outstanding service. GrOffr ensures discount to buyer and availing the best quality services from a top rated agent. Can it get better!


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