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Alta Monte

  by Omkar Realtors & Constructions

Launch Date: Oct, 2012
Status: Under Construction
Total Members: 200
Call: +91-9650018161
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  • 2 BHK - 3 BHK
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Alta Monte

Description of Alta Monte

Omkar Alta Monte is located at Malad (E) Mumbai.

Alta Monte gives expression to the beautiful life in four opulent towers sculpted to perfection.Witness it coming alive in the 1.75 Lacs Sq. ft. of recreational spaces and host of amenities built to delight here at Alta Monte Malad.

This property in Malad - Omkar Alta Monte features apartments overlooking the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, where the beautiful nature and lush greenery surround you in abundance.

A home at Omkar Alta Monte Malad is effortlessly luxurious, quietly elegant and several cuts above the rest. Omkar Alta Monte is a property in Malad where you get a chance to experience man-made luxuries alongside the beauty of nature. Alta Monte Malad is a world that's exclusive - exclusively yours.

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Configuration / Pricing of Alta Monte
Type Carpet ara Build up area Price ( psft )
3 BHK12950( psft )
3 BHK12950( psft )
2 BHK11950( psft )
2 BHK11950( psft )

Amenities in Alta Monte
Swimming Pool - Swimming Pool  |  Gymnasium - Gymnasium  |  Kid's Play Area - Kid's Play Area  |  Sports Facility - Sports Facility  |  
Multipurpose Room - Multipurpose Room  |  Cafeteria - Cafeteria

About Builder - Omkar Realtors & Constructions
Omkar Realtors & ConstructionsSince its inception in 2003, Omkar Realtors & Developers has created opulent spaces that have epitomized the pinnacle of luxury. Backed by a strong legacy that spans over five decades, Omkar is managed by second generation entrepreneurs who have carved a niche for themselves in the world of real estate. The board combines a seasoned team of professionals with expertise in real estate, infrastructure, steel manufacturing, oil exploration, shipping and construction.

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Comments ( 54 )

Dushyanth ο November 21, 2012  

Interested in picking up a 2bhk. what's the groffr rate on this?

Sougat_gh ο November 4, 2012  

Can someone let me know the groffr negotiated rates? Looks like a promising property

Shilpa Herenz ο October 29, 2012  

also i would like to know that what are the appreciation rate in Omkar Alta monte? what are the rates at which the appreciaton should be thr? am basically asking as per the area where Alta monte is located?

Shilpa Herenz ο October 29, 2012  

would like to know about 2bhk in Omkar Alta Monte Malad Project. I really liked this residential project in mumbai. This Residential project is really coming up as one of the finest residential projects in mumbai for sure. Need to know more on Alta Monte prices, reviews, specification, floor plans and more. I am basically looking out for best prices in Alta monte malad project.

Natalia Jason ο October 29, 2012  

Hearing a lot about Alta Monte Malad Project these days. Hope omkar Group is coming up with some really unique features and amenities in Alta Monte Project thi year. The prices seems good but hope along with it thr should be some very interesting features to provocate buyers to invest in this project. I am looking out for alta monte prices infact looking to know for best prices and hope to hear some good reviews on it. So far it seems pretty good. Alta monte reviews are good here on your forum:

Misra ο March 13, 2012  

I am intereted in 3 BHK

Hitesh Kar ο March 10, 2012  

i m interested in 3 BHK apartment.

O.R.BAHETI ο February 29, 2012  

i am interested in 3 send me full detailes...

Bhavesh Desai ο January 24, 2012  

I spoke to a sales agent from Omkar Builders and was told that they are not takaing any booking at the present. Apparently they are waiting for a few approvals and then will come up with a launch? Not sure which approvals are these, but i felt these was routine paper work as she was confident that the official launch wuld b made pretty soon. did any1 pick up the apartments in the pre launch offer/ cos on some other sites, it shows all 2 BHK apartments are sold.

Arvind Saxena ο January 15, 2012  

Am interested in 3BHK flat in the project. pls provide details regarding price, floor plan, posession date and contact nos.

Neeta ο January 12, 2012  

Details please.

Rajeev Jhunjhunwala ο January 1, 2012  

Pls contat with details like final negotiated price, possession, 2 bhk, carpet vs billable area, 100% cheque. Who is to be contacted from Groffr for this project.

Ashish Lath ο December 12, 2011  

I am interested in this project. pl share details. interested in 2BHK

Rajesh Chawan ο December 4, 2011  

I am interested in this project

DHARMESH SUTHAR ο November 24, 2011  

Price, possession, maintenance : details pls.

Mohit Sachdeva ο October 16, 2011  

I am interested. Please send me the carpet area and possession details. There is no 1 BHK flat in this building?

Aone ο August 24, 2011  

Builders creditability is not known, they haven't deliver such huge projects. This project has lot of issues, slum etc. Also builders are selling to investor in grey market fro around 6500. Current situation in market is bad, liquidity is very bad , almost all builders are borrowing at around 25-30% and more. This project is good only below 6000 psft

Ankur Jain ο August 17, 2011  

Are there any legal issues due to location being in/around a slum?

Akhil Bhattar ο August 15, 2011  

hi, I am interested in the 2 bhk. please contact at 9987264334.

LALIT SINGHVI ο August 14, 2011  

Is this redevelopment property and existing residents of old property will also have access to the property?

Nidhi Vishal Mutha ο July 25, 2011  

How much negotiations u can made? Pl. call me at 9321347074- Vishal

Samit Pathak ο July 25, 2011  

I am interested in the project. Please provide more details about the project. You can call on 9930070305

Ashish ο July 15, 2011  

very much interested..kindly contact @9930084466

Rajesh ο July 9, 2011  

I am also interested in this project is the 7100 rate negotiable and by when is the possession.

Madhu Swaminathan ο June 16, 2011  

Hi i am interested in 2bhk please let me knmow the details. also i am neew to this website so please let me know how much discount can i expect?. [email protected]

POOJA ο June 14, 2011  

intreested in 3 Bhk, also send details of the estimated cost & the possession time etc...

O.R.BAHETI ο June 8, 2011  

interested in 3 BHK.send detailes

Groffr ο May 19, 2011  

GrOffr is pleased to announce the Pre-Launch of JP Decks at Goregaon (East). Please click on the link to join the group -

Amit ο May 19, 2011  

Pls share more details on pricing, scheduling etc.

Groffr ο May 13, 2011  

Starwood Capital is planning to buy 10% stake in Mumbai-based Omkar Realtors & Developers Private Limited for Rs.500 Cr, valuing the company at Rs.5000 Cr. Omkar has delivered 2 Mn sq ft of residential and commercial space in the recent past and has a

Ankit Jain ο May 5, 2011  

I'm interested in 2 BHK flat.Please let me know the estimated cost of it.

Karanam ο May 4, 2011  

i am also inrested, whats the price?

Parag ο May 4, 2011  

I am also interested in the property. What's the price?

Parag ο May 4, 2011  

I am also interested in the property. What's the price?

Hiren D ο May 4, 2011  

The other data I collected is this is a slum re-development program and Muharat will be done in a week or so.

Hiren D ο May 4, 2011  

It seems possession is after 3.5 years. Can someone confirm please?

Nishit Bhandari ο May 2, 2011  

I am also intrested wat is the price per sq/feet, booking amount wat percentage do we have to pay as of now possession etc

Nishit Bhandari ο May 2, 2011  

I am also intrested wat is the price per sq/feet, booking amount wat percentage do we have to pay as of now possession etc

Sachin Balkavde ο May 2, 2011  

I am also interested in this project is the 7100 rate negotiable and by when is the possession.

Sriram Rathi ο April 29, 2011  

I am interested in this, pls provide rates

Saurabh ο April 27, 2011  

i want to know about builder & their past exequited work

Vinod Sodhani ο April 26, 2011  

7100 PSFT, how id will great offer get?

Vinod Sodhani ο April 26, 2011  

7100 PSFT, how id will great offer get?

Shashank Bajpai ο April 24, 2011  

i m interested....pricing?

BHAVYA ο April 20, 2011  

rates please??

Terence Raphael ο April 19, 2011  

Any idea on the rate per sq. ft.

Nimesh Vora ο April 18, 2011  

What are the terms of lock in etc.?

Ajit Chandrakant Kotian ο April 18, 2011  

Is it Malad (w)property

Pushpendra K ο April 18, 2011  

Also advise current price

Abhijit Joshi ο April 18, 2011  

its not a malad(W) property as listed. Its located around WE highway

Pushpendra K ο April 18, 2011  

Hi, I am interested. Please provide further details

Janvi Nagrecha ο April 18, 2011  

Hii can we get more details

Prakash Tauro ο April 17, 2011  

hi i am interested ....pols call me on 0044 7920581848

Vishesh ο April 16, 2011  

Hi, I am interested. Please share all pertinent details.

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